Custom Garage Doors

For the past two decades, we at Moulton Custom Door of Vermont have been at the forefront of an evolution in design and technology which allows custom sectional over-head garage doors to display architectural detail that fits the style of your home. Mechanical "trompe l'oeil" (or "fool the eye", in plain French), our overhead-type garage doors look just like traditional swinging (or sliding) carriage doors, when closed. At the push of a button, however, the door rolls up like magic. Or if not quite like magic, then like any well built and properly installed over-head garage door.

We also build conventional swinging doors with a wide range of hardware and hinge designs matching the engineering required for long life.

Serving New England, New York and the Northeastern US, we consult with owners, designers and contractors who need to be sure that their custom garage door projects are a complete success. Our product is the result of a quarter century of innovation. Every bit of the work we do is true custom. We have no standard products. Don't let the behemoths of the garage door industry tell you that your project is impossible. Truly, your project is not impossible until we say it is. And don't let the salesman tell you that their standard product will perform in your "impossible" application (with minor adjustments in the field). Too much of our work is done on other people's callbacks: standard products which failed to perform in custom applications. We are very proud of the repeat business we get from contractors and architects, people who understand that quality is a necessity, not an option.


Our first concern is to make sure that our garage door is the most secure, weatherproof and dependable door in your house.  That is why we install most of our own work. Your home is your castle and your castle gate should be secure, draft free, totally dependable and it should assure the curb appeal of your home!

Whether the style is modern, traditional or even historic, every door expresses the clients' vision of their home. Whatever your style, browse our extensive custom garage door portfolio to see examples of our work from colonial to contemporary, from boathouses to barns. Anything you see there, and anything you can dream up, we can probably achieve for your house. Call me, Bob Moulton, at 802-244-5357 and let's see if those dreams are feasible. Every job is custom and built one door at a time. Because we work this way, we are free to input more variables into the project. This is why we have the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible.


On this website, we offer a wealth of technical and design resources for specifying and installing custom doors. You can read about how we build our doors, and why, should that be of interest. Owners, designers and contractors will also find useful documents there for wiring, framing and rough opening requirements for garage doors. You can further satisfy your desire for technical information in our Portfolio, where we furnish specifications for numerous projects, including dimensions, R-values and all the special notes you could wish for. We also publish useful early stage design notes, to help make sure your project turns out satisfactorily, and an article about the history and evolution of the custom garage door. We look forward to hearing from you about your project. References are available by request to committed clients only.