A convincing false center post design has once again turned out to be the best solution when trying to come up with an architecturally correct double wide door. Our work for this owner on previous jobs earned us the trust to do what we felt was needed to match and improve on the look and feel of his home. 

If you want to know why we do what we do, please compare the before and after shots. We can create a garage door that matches and enhances the look of your home, making it look part of the home rather than disharmonious "blank" that distracts from the rest of the property.

This single wide door before did its job - to act as a barrier from the elements for the garage. Now, with the still single wide door made to look like two doors, it enhances the look not only of the garage but of the home itself! The image above is the 'After' photo. This is the door we replaced the 'Before' door with. It looks like two doors but is actually a single door with a false center post. It is still an overhead door and a better match to the building than the previous one.

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