The dimensions of this door were 9’-10” X 9’-5”, the Base section is a ThermoMark 5155, R-13 once covered, 396 lbs.

Mike selected our job #1652, a solid herringbone design, with an intermediate rail for his existing barn. The barn had a double sliding door that split in the middle, but its manual operation and difficult function was getting old and he wanted to have an automatic door to match his barn. We did make some changes from the 1652 project, instead of 1” X 4”, T&G V-groove he went with a rough-out 1x4 T&G “Center-Match” or a square edge butt joint for the field with no finish. This worked well in the Eastern White Cedar material as the existing barn was weathered white cedar already.

Another aspect to this job was that after a site visit and looking at track options we decided to go with a “High-Lift to Roof-line” track system. The normal 90 degree to horizontal track would have been in his way as the door opens directly into his shop and it would have interfered with access to his upper Mezzanine level. Also, there was a problem with side room on the Right side Looking Out (RTLO), there was none or very little, 2-1/4”, normal is 5-1/2”. We solved this problem by mounting the track directly to the wall using wood spacers to get the right off-set. Using the Hi-lift track system worked well, as the wall stopped at the second level in the barn.

All our doors will open manually in a power out situation and stay up, no broom stick required, even here. The customers are wonderful folks who are looking forward to not having to shove the old door back & forth this winter.

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