Sectional Overhead Doors

Now that the garage door is the main way people get in and out of the house, they want it to look better and to work better. A marvel of innovation, the modern automatic overhead-type garage door has become indespensible in the automobile age. Until fairly recently, its only problem has been that it looks too much like exactly what it is:  a garage door. I first began to work with overhead-type doors in Colorado, where garage door contractors were trying to satisfy the latest automotive inspired trend from California:  the customized garage door. The trouble with the California doors, however, is that they were one piece "kick-out" doors. In Colorado, or anywhere else across the frozen northland, "kick-out" doors don't kick out so well with a foot or two of frozen snow piled up outside. Adapting this trend to a sectional overhead-door which would look great and seal perfectly when closed, and yet would operate dependably under any conditions was a technical challenge for the whole industry. I have been part of this innovative design evolution since the beginning, and have developed the means to build large detailed doors without sacrificing dependability. An original Vermont native, I established Moulton Custom Door of Vermont in 1997 in order to set a standard for custom garage door work in Vermont, New York, New England and throughout the often frozen Northeast.