Boat House Doors

Garage doors can exist in many places, including on the water. For that beautiful seasonal or year round home on the water, custom doors can add to the value and beauty of your waterfront property. Each door is built to match a facet of the building and engineered to function over water. These sectional doors range from typical sized doors (9ft by 8ft) to oversized doors (18 ft by 9ft). Please take some time to look through our portfolio of Boat House doors.

Related Projects


New Hampshire

One of our favorite projects, this design was a collaboration between myself and the owner. The doors include bird netting between the base section and the water. The installation is full vertical to roof line, so as not to interfere with the gantry cranes for lifting the boats out...


New Hampshire

Removed a flush mounted steel rollup door. In my opinion, our door makes the whole building really pop! Great owner, a pleasure to work with. Designed by MCD. The previous door was a simple flush steel rollup door that didn't give the building much character. With the new door installed...


New York

A combination of Royal Cedar Background and Clear Mahogany frame work detail create a look reminiscent of the Shoji style doors used in traditional Oriental homes. The design was a collaboration between the owner and Andrew Sherry Architects of New York. Inside is Douglas Fir with section reinforcing struts...


New York

Double covered with matching interiors to the exterior design. Once again, sectional reinforcement has become an internal component of the door so as not to show on the back side. The 1" low E Glass keeps the condensation down to a minimum. As seen in the photo above, despite...


New York

This design was a collaboration between the owners and myself. This was the lady of the house's project and was a wonderful person to work with. FJ Fortune and Company were the general contractors on this extensive remodel. Matching the diamonds of the windows upstairs was important as well...