Hardware Details and Comparison

Another part to your custom door is your hardware - Springs, track, rollers, weather seal, and hinges or handles. These parts and pieces all work with the door to ensure it's stability, insulation, and operation. Moulton Custom Door has seen a lot of different options, and just as our doors are custom for your project, we also take the same detailed eye towards these components. You want the best door you can have... we want to ensure it runs on the best equipment we can provide.

3" Track:

We use the 3" track and rollers because it distributes the weight. The rollers are capable of holding the weight and roll smoothly. The 2" track can, sometimes, uncurl if they are straining under the weight, 200lbs or more. We use the 3" track because during the period of time the door is overhead in the horozontal position all of the weight of the door - and some of them can be in excess of 400lbs - sits on those rollers and the track. The track itself comes in a powder coat of white or black or can remain galvanized.

Torsion Springs:

Torsion springs are more accurately designed to handle the weight of the door and they coordinate their movement together- shaft, drums and springs are all interconnected so they all function as a single unit to make sure the door does not wobble or twist. While not really home owner friendly when a torsion spring breaks it has the entire 1" shaft to hold onto it. An extension spring can go through the safety cable and cause serious damage or injury. The springs drive the drums which help lift the door as well. By mechanicaly working together they keep the door balanced and help maintain a smooth uniform operation.

Custom Weather seal:

     What's the point behind a custom door and with high insulation if it doesn't seal tight? Our custom weather seal comes crafted with the same materials we cover the door in and with vinal in a variety of colors. It integrates the custom door to the building, as well as ensuring that outside temperature stays outside. 

As seen in the photo above,there is more to a door than meets the eye. The hardware - track, rollers, springs, weatherseal... all of it is part of the system and it's important to understand Moulton Custom Door's choices in this arena.

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