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J & M construction of Springfield Vermont. A high insulation rating of R 18 – 20, with custom 33" glass sections. A total of six doors installed: four on the barn, two on the house garage. These doors have several unique features: High Insulation, Custom Glass, Low head room... and...



  Owner/Architect design. Doors to match rest of building.  Sometimes, there is no beating the beauty of natural wood. These doors not only match the garage, but the rest of the property as well with their natural look. Nice project. 



Some doors are meant to stand out, but these doors fit in so well you can hardly imagine this garage without them.  Cedar turned rough side out provides the finish.  A nice big garage.



Nice job for contractor's own home. Arched windows can often give a classic design like this that added something special.



These are R20 doors. Beautiful craftsman style home and we plan to update these with images after the home was finished as these were taken on instillation. A popular design and use of windows helps complete the look and feel of this new home.



This was the first door with Simulated Divided Light (SDL) for our custom window sections on this R16 door. This was a remodel where we took out solid insulated doors, as seen in the collage below. A special feature on these doors that replaced solid insulated doors are the Simulated...



R20, with a 3" track and low headroom. Along with Job #1672, this is a copy of #1058, the original design. It is a very popular design. These doors have everything. Low head room, false hinges, one of our popular designs, high insulation and a satisfied customer.



Stain worked very well, you couldn't tell the difference between the two woods when we were finished. Very great family to work with. Matching the look of the building often can be the key to making our doors work and when it does it looks great.



Had to use 2" track because of the thin centerpost. The centerpost in this garage was barely big enough to allow room for the track for both doors. At Moulton Custom Door we believe any job can be done. 



When we met, the customer had been in the home for three years and had never put doors on because she wanted doors that matched the barn. Her architect approved the drawings and we went ahead to do the doors. Garage doors can be simple or elegant, and often...



Our first job with Northern Builders and the first use by Moulton Custom Door of the powder coated track and hardware. It was this job where we decided to offer powder coating on all our projects. It's a very nice touch. As seen in the photo above, the smallest...



The door design is a copy of another manufacturer's door but with a much higher R value, a R16. As you can see in the photo above, themes in a home can also translate to the doors. For instance, the windows in these doors mirror the windows in the...



The design on this door was fairly simple but really popped thanks to the Western Red Cedar. The natural colors and variations lended to make it very distinct. The natural look of materials often lends itself to a design that cannot be repeated. This door is as individual as the...



Customer wanted transoms over the door, but there was not enough head room above the door.  So we put false transom in the garage door itself. The customer was very pleased. Want the look of transom lighting but don't have the space? Easily done when we put the lights right...



I really like using Barn Board. We were supplied enough to include weather seal, grills and back stops on the custom window sections. These ended up being R20 doors. These doors are among our favorites - the Barn Board doors add a truely individual and rustic look to this beautiful...



This was a really nice remodel. We took out the previous standard wood panel doors and put in these R9 doors. This remodel project took a step forward with these beautiful barn style doors.


New York

One of my favorite jobs. Owner designed the appearance of these doors and and stained them. These folks shopped for a year to try and find this door in a high enough R value. We finally provided the R20 door they were looking for, a high insulated custom door. After...



Very nice people to work for. These doors were installed in time for their daughter's wedding reception. The inside in our high gloss white made for a great movie screen.This stylish camp was made even more so with the addition of these doors stained to match the theme of...


New York

This was an R16 project. Very nice new barn. Once again, we incorporated the transom lighting into the door itself. As seen in the photo above, the false transom windows in this door make the entire look of the building, adding a very stylish look as well.


New Hampshire

This was an addition to the garage in which we had to match two existing doors from another company. This carriage house underwent some changes, but the owners didn't want to change the look of their doors. So we went ahead and matched the ones already there. Hard to tell...