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Hardware Details and Comparison

Another part to your custom door is your hardware - Springs, track, rollers, weather seal, and hinges or handles. These parts and pieces all work with the door to ensure it's stability, insulation, and operation. Moulton Custom Door has seen a lot of different options, and just as our doors...


This was one monumental garage door! I was excited to use concepts tested in the large doors we had built in the past. The dimensions were 14' X 14', 3" thick, weighing in at 900 lbs. This was a chance to use a large, heavy 12’ wide by 3’ tall...


The dimensions of this door were 9’-10” X 9’-5”, the Base section is a ThermoMark 5155, R-13 once covered, 396 lbs. Mike selected our job #1652, a solid herringbone design, with an intermediate rail for his existing barn. The barn had a double sliding door that split in the middle,...



These custom swinging doors give a very classical look to this barn. The hardware is effectively hidden,to maintain clean lines and a graceful appearance.